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Steliana Gima: Matilda Caragiu-Marioțeanu’s Poems in English, part 1

My church

My church is the sky
It is the wind that blows
Between me and HIM
Without walls
Without towers
Without roof
My heart as a bell
That exhausts beating
With love.
My church is the sky:
With stings of the mind
Ripping the clouds
I rise
I elude the cloths
The people
The dust
Of anything that creeps on the ground.
my church…
is the sky
since the son of Man
is caught and  crucified on earth

poem written by Matilda Caragiu-Marioțeanu, published in her book : Néuri. Zăpezi. Neiges  13 Poemi. Poeme. Poèmes at Editura Logos, 2002. You can find the book online with the Aromanian, Romanian and French versions of the poem here.


Testament for my daughter

My daughter, my adored
You, who were not born neither in Gramoste
Nor in Samarina
Nor  in Hrupisti
Nor in Perivoli
Who did not drink water carried with  buckets
From Dolta
From Bucuvala’s fountain
From Vergina’s little creek
Who knows neither the meaning
Of the Argos lamb
Of the baking tin pie. crust baked
Of the „bread juice”
Made by Aromanian mother,
Of sweet „bucuvala”
Of „butter green cheese”
Who did not kiss the hand of an old man
Of a grandfather
Of venerable mothers
With golden hands
You, who did not stay  hidden, your betrothed to appear
Who did not marry without knowing her husband
Who doesn’t even know what the eye that whitens means
Due to such a long waiting
And due to such a love…
My daughter, my gentle sheep
My snowball
Bead like eye
Hazel tree body
Turtle dove like voice
Hold my, hold my hand.

© translation: Stela Gima